7 Where do I go from here? [Recommended duration: 3 hours]

7.1 Overview

Section 7 suggests some ways in which the information skills introduced in the course can be further developed and maintained. It also discusses ways in which information can be shared within the academic community and how to maintain a working knowledge of developments in your subject area.

Now that you have worked through the whole of Safari you will be aware of the skills needed to understand, categorise, find, evaluate, organise and present information. You will also realise that as well as being useful – now and in the future – for any academic study or structured learning, these skills can be very useful in everyday life. So, the next challenge is how to maintain and develop these skills – especially when you are not actually taking courses that involve you in using those skills. You may be thinking ‘where do I go from here?’ This section is designed to answer that question.

As with the other parts of Safari there are exercises and activities to be done in the course of this section so make sure you have a pen and paper handy.

The activities in this section require you to use paper and pen to record notes and thoughts. They may take up to two and a half hours to complete.