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Websites  An introduction to Belbin’s team roles A further introduction to Belbin’s team roles   Look in the test-taker’s guide for sample questions from one of the most widely used psychometric testing organisations for samples of psychometric tests used by different organisations


Barrett J, Williams G, Test your own Aptitude (2003) Kogan Page A theoretical and practical look at different types of aptitude tests. 

Belbin R M, Management Teams: Why do they succeed or fail? (1996) Butterworth-

Heinemann, Oxford Belbin’s description of how teams work has been highly influential as a management tool.

Byron M How to pass graduate psychometric tests (2001) Kogan Page Ltd Hints on how to pass tests, with hundreds of example questions. 

Cottrell S Skills for Success (2003) Palgrave MacMillan The section on teamwork is useful for this task.

Hardingham A Working in Teams (2000) CIPD A useful look at teams and how to make the most of them. 

Hodgson S, Brilliant selection test results (2003) Pearson Education Ltd This book gives some background to different types of test and steers you through answers with explanations as well as providing example tests.

Modha S How to pass computer selection tests (1994) Kogan Page Ltd. 

Shavick A, Practice Psychometric Tests (2005) howtobooks.

Try out these psychometric tests used by employers ranging from the police to the IT industry. 52 tests to choose from.

Tolley H and Thomas K How to pass verbal reasoning tests (1998) Kogan Page Ltd. 

Van Minden J, All about psychological tests and assessment centres (2004). Management Books 2000 This book, written for managers and prospective managers, has theory, tips and practice in tests, and useful insights into assessment centre testing.

Williams D, Brown P, Hesketh A How to get the Best Graduate Job (2006) Pearson Education Ltd. A good chapter describing assessment centres, with useful strategies on how to deal with them.