When you know you're not forgotten

6- The image shows a soldier in the arms of a girl with the countryside around them below that is a poem.
Oxford University

This is the text of the poem that is below the image of the girl and her soldier.

When you know you're not forgotten
By the girl who can't forget(3)
'Roses may fade,' answered the maid, 'Clouds may turn to sunshine and gloom,
But in my heart, though we're apart, love for you will ever bloom.
Through weary eyes, through smiles and tears, you will find me faithful and true;
Dear heart, you'll learn when you return, that I'm still waiting for you'

  1. Firstly write a letter to the soldier about to go to war. (you are the girl waiting for him at home).
    Where ever possible, refer to the images used in the poem.
    Use an informal register.
  2. Secondly, write a parody of the poem, using exaggeration to entertain your readers. Your intention should be to ridicule the original style and content of the poem.
    Create a new set of images to suggest the passing of time, the constancy of your love and the fact that you will wait.