How might Access Grid be used by Social Scientists?

The Access Grid is a form of distributed collaborative technology: that is, it helps people work together when not physically present in the same location. Access Grid is currently used for a range of activities from formal events (e.g. seminars) to less formal events (e.g. discussions between researchers). It is hoped that as usage of Access Grid becomes more widespread within the Social Science community, more innovative ways of using the tool will emerge.

As an advanced videoconferencing technology, Access Grid enables easier and richer communication between groups of researchers and students in the Social Sciences. The ability to discuss issues with distant colleagues may greatly speed up the generation and testing of new ideas, may help clarify issues that were becoming obscure, and so on.

It's possible that by using the Access Grid more inter-disciplinary work will be facilitated, both within Social Science and beyond, as researchers are brought together to solve real-world problems.